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What Does It Mean If You Have Gases All The Time?

Gas is an unpleasant, yet normal phenomenon that can not be avoided, but it can get some information related to one’s own health. Disruption of the number of bacteria Bacteria cause fermentation, that is, the decomposition of the food that we have eaten. The breakdown begins in the stomach and …

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5 Reasons That Are Making The Feet Flat

feet flat

The human foot is very complex. It consists of 26 bones and 33 joints, and it moves more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Also, the feet bear the full weight of our body, which is why they are the most-consumed part of the whole body. Although they are designed …

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Do You Have Too Much Cortisol In Your Body?


Cortisol is produced in large quantities in the morning, less during the day, very little at night and minimal while sleeping. But stress has a strong impact on it and can disrupt this natural cycle. It’s no coincidence that cortisol is also referred to as stress hormone. It’s about a …

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Evidence That You Are Eating Too Much Protein


Proteins are found in larger or smaller amounts in almost every food, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, mushrooms, wheat, wheat, corn, rice, soy … But, as with all other substances, so does the protein it must be exaggerated. If you consume too much in your body, then the …

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5 Things Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You


White streaks, black dots and furrows? A well-known cosmetologist from New York, Michelle Humphrey, who works for Maybeline, reveals what they are trying to tell us about our nails and how to deal with these conditions. Excess skin Those loosened and dry parts of the skin around the cuticles that …

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“Wake Up” Your Skin Fresh And Rest!


To keep the freshness and softness of the skin and to look restful and shiny every morning, it is very important to protect it before going to bed. In addition to deleting the make-up and washing your face before bedtime, it’s desirable to get used to a few more tricks …

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Do You Know How To Measure Your Blood Pressure Correctly?

blood pressure

Increased blood pressure, hypertension, is a disease of modern times, and is increasingly associated with stress, lack of sleep, obesity, salty foods, certain drugs, smoking and increased alcohol consumption. Namely, according to certain doctors, in more than 90% of cases with high blood pressure, the exact cause of the disease …

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Take This Quiz And Check How Much Do You Know About Good Nutrition?:

How Much Do You Know About Good Nutrition?