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Milk Is A Leading Muscle Food And Slim Line

drink milk

People who want to have a slim line are often visited by nutritionists, and they advise them to drink a large glass of milk in the evening, as proteins will saturate you and will not affect weight gain. It has been shown that people who drink milk frequently have more …

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With Vitamins And Minerals In The Fight Against Fatigue

vitamins and minerals

Don’t care what you eat? Get ready for a fierce fight against fatigue! The foods we eat contain certain vitamins and minerals that can affect our ability to have enough energy throughout the day. Iron, for example, carries oxygen from red cells to our muscles, and you can find it …

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Banana, Warm Milk And Pineapple Against Insomnia


Contrary to common opinion, when you are older, sleep disorders are not a result of aging, as the amount and need for sleep varies across different life spans, and older adults need more than eight hours of sleep, experts say. American Sleep Association research shows that adults require 7.5 to …

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Why Should You Limit Salt Use Today?

limit salt

A group of world-class doctors and nutritionists are demanding that limit salt packs be printed with a warning of all the possible side effects of their overuse. They believe that kitchen salt must come with labels such as cigarette cases that read “restrict use”, or that “excessive salt intake causes …

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How Often Should We Shower?


Most people, on average, take a shower once a day. New research, however, points out that it is better to be a little “dirty” in order to maintain the natural balance and moisture of the skin. “The number of showers is contingent on the individual’s behavior,” says Dr. David E. …

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