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Mushrooms Help In Memory Problems?


A recent survey by Singapore scientists noted that regular consumption of they (mushrooms) can help preserve cognitive functions in the elderly. The investigation included in excess of 600 respondents more than 60 years old, and their nutrition and intellectual capacities were observed for a long time, from 2011 to 2017. …

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5 Sweet, But Useful Things


If you think that proper diet and diet are not compatible with sweetness, we have good news – they can be “friends”! We will reveal to you which gentle things merit joining the day by day menu. Sweet food leads to our lives a touch of euphoria and incomparable happiness: …

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Five “Culprits” About The Appearance Of Acne


On the off chance that you think you are taking great consideration of your skin and your skin break out remains an issue, then you may find the “culprit” in one of your everyday habits. Most often, the appearance of acne is caused by some clear and specific reason. Whether …

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Find Out If You Are Intolerant Of Carbohydrates


For gluten intolerance in recent years a lot is spoken, but carbohydrate intolerance is also very common. “It’s about a gray zone. The amount of carbohydrates that corresponds to a person’s metabolism does not necessarily meet the needs of another person. Through my work I have had a lot of …

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Dangerous Combination: Bad Sleep, High Pressure And Stress

bad sleep

Stress at work, bad sleep and hypertension are a lethal trio due to heart disease, scientists finish up. In an examination did by German researchers, a few specialists with hypertension took part, whose health was watched for right around 18 years. Stress at work, bad sleep and hypertension are a …

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Connection Of Polluted Air And Atherosclerosis

air polluted

Tightening of the two inner layers of the central blood vein, which brings blood to the head, neck and brain, occurs faster after exposure to high concentrations of polluted air. How are air pollutants and atherosclerosis associated? How are air pollutants and atherosclerosis associated? Long haul introduction to unclean air …

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Why Does Your Head Hurt?

cerebral pain

Each individual in any event once in his life met with a solid cerebral pain. In any case, just the individuals who experience the ill effects of cerebral pains frequently realize how intolerable they can be. It is important that a person is aware of what causes the headache to …

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