3 Things Your Tongue is Trying to Reveal About Your Health

The Ayurvedic medical system, which supports general health through careful monitoring of the body and mind, is where the tongue diagnostic originates.

Its central tenet is that there are three main constitutional types, or “doshas”: Vata (air and ether), Kapha (earth and water), and Pitta (changing ratios of air, earth, fire, water, and ether) (fire and water).

The Pitta tongue is medium in size, slightly drier than the Vata tongue, and redder in hue. The Vata tongue is a little rough and dry, thinner, and smaller. The Kapha tongue is bigger, fuller, more pinkish, and slightly damp.

When you stop and examine your tongue in the mirror, you might spot indications that several health problems you suffer are present:


Cracks on the tongue typically appear in the middle or back and are a sign of a leaky gut, intestinal malabsorption, allergies, or food sensitivities.

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The tongue has its typical film, but if the mucus is greasy, thick, yellow, or white, it may indicate a mucus buildup and toxins in the bowels. If it builds up in the back of the tongue, you have a colon problem. If it builds up in the middle of the tongue, it is a sign of a small intestine problem.

Brown or Black Fuzz

Even though dark tongue hairs can be very unpleasant, they do not necessarily indicate a serious problem. Family doctor Jack Der-Sarkissian of Kaiser Permanente in Southern California says:

“Typically, smoking, drinking coffee and dark teas, or having poor oral care, cause [black and hairy tongue]. It could only be necessary to stop the problematic behavior, such smoking, and to brush or scrape the tongue.

Teeth Impressions on the Sides of the Tongue

This is a symptom of a poor digestion or absorption of minerals. The cracks and teeth imprints are a symptom of an issue in the intestines, and teeth imprints can also indicate low stomach acid.

Persistent red lesions

This could be an early indicator of tongue cancer, but you shouldn’t be alarmed right away. Also, be careful not to mistake them for canker sores, patches, or red lesions that go away on their own after a few weeks. What you need to do is check it out right away and figure out what’s wrong.

The health of the internal organs will be supported by maintaining a clean tongue. Therefore, be sure to scrape it with a tongue scraper once or twice each day to purify it, promote digestion, and improve the performance of all body organs. Additionally, its regular monitoring is an effective preventative measure that will aid in preventing significant health problems, and any positive changes will track your progress in terms of health.

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