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Do We Really Get Healthier After Losing Weight?

Although most people are concerned about their weight for aesthetic reasons, everyone is aware that obesity can have major health effects.

That is why nearly all nutritionists and doctors emphasise the significance of shedding excess weight, albeit in a healthy and controlled manner. various studies have shown that losing only a few pounds can not only enhance your quality of life and overall health, but also lower your risk of various diseases.

However, specialists have discovered interesting information that it can be detrimental for slimmer persons seeking to drop a few pounds, while it has only favourable implications for those who are fat. According to new research, losing weight is far more helpful for persons who are overweight than for those who are already lean.

The benefits of losing excess weight

Obese persons who reduced weight had a much lower risk of various diseases, including type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in the journal PLOS Medicine. When thin persons sought to lose weight, their risk of developing type 2 diabetes increased.

The experts discovered that all weight loss approaches were related with reduced weight gain and a lower risk of diabetes among those who were obese at baseline, although exercise was the most beneficial.

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“A person’s ability to exercise is the primary determinant of success in achieving and maintaining weight loss.” This study, as well as many others, support this reality,” says Dr. David Prologo, an obesity specialist.

“If you are overweight or obese, even moderate weight loss shows significant improvements in overall health and reduced risk of many diseases,” dietitian Dana Ellis Hanes says.

How do the experts explain it?

According to the previously cited study, the health benefits were different in previously thin people who, after additional weight loss, tended to gain weight and had a higher risk of diabetes.

Thin people who exercised to lose weight had a 9% higher risk of diabetes, whereas subjects who took appetite suppressants or followed a weight loss programme had a 54% higher risk.

Even the specialists admitted that this information startled them the most, which they explain below. If you’re already skinny, attempting to lose weight might actually have a negative impact on your metabolism, mental health, and possibly even your overall health, because you increase your chances of being hungry, eating more, and possibly gaining weight. Experts advise people who are already skinny to engage in weight-maintenance activities.

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