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Abandoned Fishing Village in China Reclaimed by Nature

Humans continue to oppose nature rather than collaborating with it. We must therefore acknowledge that we have already caused some very irreparable harm.

Thankfully, Mother Nature is far stronger than we are, and she finds ways to reclaim what is rightfully hers. Houtou Wan, a Chinese fishing community on Gouqi Island, is a prime illustration of this.

After being abandoned, nature reclaimed the area, transforming it into a lovely location that may soon become a major tourist destination. 3,000 fisherman used to settle there, but many moved away in the early 1990s to live nearer to cities.

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The village has been totally absorbed by nature, which has transformed it into a captivating fantasy. The village’s structures are now covered with ivy and damaged by vines, roots, wind, and rain.

The village is empty, save for a few day-trippers and a few old people who won’t leave where they were born.

Photographer Tang Yuhong, who is located in Nanning, captured these wonderful photographs of the location, which are captivating:

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