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Drinking to Much Water Can Harm Your Health ? – Here is The Truth

Drinking six to eight glasses of water every day will help you focus better, have more energy, avoid headaches, and purify your body.

Could you possibly get addicted to water?

However, a lot of specialists talk about the health advantages that water offers for our bodies. Some people think that drinking any more water than 2 liters per day is unnecessary. Others think that this fixation with water consumption could have detrimental effects on our health.

Drinking too much water is never a smart idea, according to Professor Mark Whiteley, a vascular surgeon. He contends that if you consume more water than is healthy, your brain will come to assume that you will consume the same quantity each day.

How much water is truly excessive?

Professor Whiteley, a specialist in hyperhidrosis, thinks that certain sweating issues are linked to excessive water consumption.

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“First, I always inquire about my patients’ water intake. People who perspire a lot claim that they consume a lot of water to make up for what is lost from their bodies.

And sure, they are often taken aback when I tell them that drinking more water only makes things worse. According to Dr. Whiteley, if you consume more water than your body requires, it will attempt to expel the extra through sweating.

Additionally, he clarifies that consuming too much water right before bed can interfere with your ability to sleep.

“ADH, an antidiuretic hormone, is released by the brain during sleep to slow down kidney function and prevent nighttime trips to the bathroom. If you consume an additional two glasses of water before going to bed, the antidiuretic hormone will be less effective and you will finally wake up to use the restroom.

He advises against consuming any beverages two or three glasses prior to going to bed.

Is water intoxication possible?

Jacqueline Hanson passed away in 2008 from water intoxication after drinking four liters of water in a short period of time while adhering to the rules of her strict diet plan. According to experts, this is actually conceivable because your kidneys won’t be able to flush out that much water if you drink a lot of it quickly.

How much of liquids should you drink?

Just two liters of water each day are required. You must drink water to maintain healthy kidney function and avoid being dehydrated. You should consume other liquids as well, though. Avoid drinking alcohol and sugary juices because they can dehydrate your body. A Swedish study found that we require roughly 2.5 liters of liquid daily, of which 500 ml should come from fresh fruits and vegetables.

How can you know if you have consumed enough liquids?

Your body, the place you live in, your lifestyle choices, your level of physical activity, and the temperature all affect how much water you require. You should drink more water if you are more active. Your weight affects how much fluid you should consume. Naturally, hotter weather calls for more liquids.

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