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Five Things That Break Your Heart

If you want to keep your heart healthy, these are five things you should never do, according to cardiologist Nicole Harkin.

Although genetics have a significant part in the development of many diseases, the good news is that a healthy lifestyle and diet can avoid 80% of heart attacks. Nicole Harkin, a cardiologist, lists five behaviors you should change to prevent heart disease as soon as possible.

Say NO to red meat

She declared, “I don’t eat any animal products, and I recommend everyone to avoid red meat and processed red meat,” adding that frequent consumption of dry meat and fast food, like hamburgers, harms the coronary arteries. She counseled that eating fiber, which is typically present in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, is considerably better. It is a food with a lot of vitamins and minerals and helps control glucose and lower cholesterol.

I strongly suggest everyone to consume at least 40 grams of fiber daily, as this is the threshold at which we saw appreciable decreases in blood sugar, cholesterol, and other factors, she said.

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Stop smoking

In addition to being addicting, smoking is a major contributor to a number of illnesses, including heart attacks.

According to Harkin, “almost all the heart attacks I’ve seen in young ladies have happened to folks who smoke.” It is always wise to seek professional guidance if you are unable to break this bad habit.

Unhealthy sleep

Numerous studies have demonstrated how crucial regular, healthful sleep is for the body’s normal operation and wellbeing.

Studies have confirmed that getting too little sleep raises your risk of cardiovascular disease, adds Nicole.

Don’t ignore chest pain

The body constantly sends us tiny signals that can help us figure out what is wrong, such chest pain when it comes to the heart, which is our strongest muscle. It’s crucial to pay attention to them because of this.

According to conventional standards, individuals who would be deemed to be in a low-risk group are experiencing an alarming amount of heart attacks, she added.

Do not neglect physical activity

“Walking for even 10 minutes is better than doing nothing and is good for your heart. Don’t use the weather as an excuse to stay indoors, then. Exercise is the one thing I would advise everyone to do “says the physician.

Find the physical activity that suits you most, whether it be a walk, some simple workouts, or a sport, and don’t overlook it.

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