Why Does Obesity Become Easier And Faster Over Time?

Many people have been able to convince themselves that over time it becomes more difficult to get rid of those extra pounds. Even more difficult is not to return the lost pounds. But have you ever wondered why over the years obesity has become easier? There are a few explanations behind this, yet the greatest one is the loss of bulk, something that occurs with all people aging.

Defined muscle mass the most significant thing that decides the speed of digestion. As it were, the greater your muscles, the more calories you consume. Bulk starts to decay around the age of 30, and the procedure quickens during the 40’s. Unless you take action to protect or build muscle mass, your body will need fewer calories to lose weight. At the same time, metabolism will slow down and lost muscle mass will be replaced by fat tissue.

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In addition to decreasing muscle mass, easier obesity in old age is also responsible for hormonal changes, a propensity for passive lifestyles, increased amounts of stress and lack of sleep. The reason for all this is the increasing and more frequent obligations.

If you want to slow down the process of losing muscle mass, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Exercise at least twice a week, and over time increase the intensity of exercise.
  • Sleep because sleep allows the body to rest and rebuild muscle.
  • Eat foods rich in low protein. The best sources for these proteins are eggs, fish and plant products such as nuts and seeds.

It is ideal to eat regularly, however get ready littler suppers wealthy in protein and fiber. If you eat regularly, you will have the energy for weight training, your metabolism will work fast enough and you will not be tempted to overdo it with food.

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