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Want To Lose 10 Inches At Your Waist In Just 4 Days? Here Is The Recipe!

Here is a recipe from nutritionist Cynthia Sass for reducing waist circumference in a short amount of time. In just four days, you can lose ten centimeters.

According to this dietitian, if you drink “sasi” water, you can have a flat stomach and a half that is 10 centimeters smaller. She had a taste of the cocktail and decided to make it herself. She states that the drink refreshes, revitalizes, decreases bloating, and regulates digestion, in addition to its cosmetic effects. It has a very low calorie count.
No worries, all the ingredients in it are natural and healthy.

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You need:

2 liters of water, 1 tablespoon grated ginger, 1 fresh cucumber, 1 medium-sized lemon, 12 mint leaves.


Cut the cucumber and lemon into thin slices, then combine them with the other ingredients in a bowl of water. Refrigerate overnight after stirring. In the morning, strain. Drink the drink for four days and avoid sweet and unhealthy foods, as well as fizzy water, throughout that time. Don’t forget to engage in some light physical activity.

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