12 Brilliant Tricks to Easily Clean the Things You Weren’t Sure How to Clean

We’ve all formed cleaning regimens for our cars and homes, learnt numerous cleaning tactics and DIY recipes, but there are always those rare moments when it seems hard to clean correctly!

Some are highly fragile, should not be cleaned frequently, or are constructed of a certain substance. However, we will share 12 handy tips to help you clean them quickly!

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner cannot perform correctly if it is unclean. Even if you are sceptical, you can clean it yourself!

Bathroom Floor Tiles

You may use candle wax to seal the grout and prevent mildew, and your bathroom tiles will sparkle like new!


Cleaning the fridge is more than just getting rid of the leftovers; it is also a good technique to completely clean it. If you do this twice a year, you will also get rid of the stench.

Toys for Dogs

The plush toys of your family’s furry cute members can be laundered in the washing machine. You can, however, soak them in a mix of water and vinegar.

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You must have been terrified of cleaning your laptop at some point in your life! You may restore it to new condition with microfiber towels, distilled water, mild dish soap, compressed air, rubbing alcohol, and pipe cleaners.

Odd-Shaped Glasses and Bottles

The irritating part about the odd-shaped bottles is that you can’t reach the areas that need to be cleaned! However, the magnet cleaning approach will also cure this issue!

Car Upholstery

You may restore your vehicle back to life, no matter how bad it is, by using the following cleaner: Combine equal parts vinegar, dish soap, and club soda. Scrub it with a scrub brush and then rinse with a shop vac or steam cleaner.


You can clean the mattress in just a few steps if you have a vacuum, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap on hand.

Porcelain Sink

Porcelain sinks are a frequent feature in older homes, and while they appear nice, they can easily become damaged, and these stains are difficult to remove. However, you may restore the whiteness of your sinks with lemon, salt, white vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide!

Shower Curtain

To prevent and eliminate mildew, you should wash the shower curtain in a salt bath.


Mirrors are one of the most difficult items to clean in the home since there always appears to be a stain on them. You can, however, thoroughly clean it with microfiber towels, rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, vinegar, and water.

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