Here’s What Just One Teaspoon Of Flaxseed A Day Can Do For Your Body

Flaxseed is considered one of the most powerful foods in the world.

The consumption of flaxseed extends back hundreds of years. Archaeologists suggest that it has been used since the reign of Queen Nefertiti in ancient Egypt, and legend claims that it improves digestive system function.

Science has finally proved this. Flax seeds are fibres that improve the function of the intestines. After all, fibre has been linked to decrease cholesterol. According to some research, it can reduce cholesterol by up to 50%.

Flaxseed helps you feel fuller for longer and keeps your blood sugar levels constant. As a result, consuming them in the afternoon (before going to bed) promotes to faster and easier weight loss. However, because flax seeds are abundant in calories, you should not overdo it in this situation. Only 534 calories are included in 100 grammes of flax. The key is in the measurement; two or three little spoons will suffice.

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Furthermore, flax seeds include omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 acids, which are beneficial to overall health but notably to the heart and blood vessels. Three teaspoons of flaxseed are said to have more omega 6 and 9 fatty acids than a pound of fish. People who don’t eat fish (and there are a lot of them) can replace it with flaxseed, at least in terms of omega acids.

Flaxseed contains a plethora of skin-care secrets. They’re high in vitamins and minerals. The presence of vitamin E, which is essential for skin and mucous membrane protection, is critical. The presence of magnesium sticks out among the minerals. Its lack in the body can cause major problems in daily living, and it might be difficult to obtain without supplementation from food.

Lignans (plant oestrogens) are found in flaxseed. Lignans have been shown to regulate female hormones, reduce menopausal symptoms and the risk of breast cancer, and boost fertility and reproductive health.

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