Although rage can be useful in some cases, it is often a negative and destructive feeling that does not lead to a solution to a problem, thus knowing how to get rid of it is beneficial.

Anger is a natural and healthy emotion that helps us react intuitively to harmful situations. If you wish to rectify a wrong that has been done to you, well-channeled wrath can be a strong motivator.

To completely remove anger from your life, learn to forgive those who have caused you to be angry. You are breaking contact with prior reactions and wounds, which are frequently the root of repeating violent behaviour.



A few minutes of meditation each day can help you relax, reduce worry, and regulate your furious outbursts. Sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes for a moment. Concentrate on repeating a positive mantra of your choice. To synchronise the mantra with your breaths, place your palm on your abdomen.

Breath deeply

When you’re upset and feel like you’re about to erupt, take a five-minute break and focus on your breathing. Deep breathing decreases blood pressure and slows the heart rate. Sit up straight with your eyes closed and your hand on your stomach. Slowly inhale through your nose and expel through your mouth.

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Focus on something

Stop angry and anxious outbursts by focusing on just one subject for five minutes. Take note of how you feel the air on your face as you walk, or how your feet feel when they strike the ground. Enjoy the texture and flavour of each bite. Simply moving your thoughts off what got you furious can help you avoid an unfavourable reaction.

Make friends

One of the most effective strategies to handle stress is to spend time with loved ones whose presence makes you joyful. Talk to your friends and share what’s going on in your life with them. This manner, you can keep connections with friends while refreshing your perspective on the world. Avoid having nasty conversations.

Get a massage

Apply a warm compress to your neck and shoulders first. For 10 minutes, close your eyes and relax the muscles in your face, neck, upper chest, and back. Then, take off the wrap and massage the tension away using a tennis ball. Place the ball between your back and the wall, lean against it for up to 15 seconds, and maintain light pressure. Then, transfer the ball to a different point and press once again.

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