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Experts say that the answer to the question is not simple because it depends on many factors.

Trends in the wellness business come and go, but one thing that appears to be a constant is basic cleanliness.

But what effect does not taking a shower have on our health? Body odour, acne breakouts, dead skin buildup, fungal infections, and oily hair are some of the effects of not washing enough, according to Annie Gonzalez, a dermatologist in Miami.

“Not taking enough showers can also increase your chances of getting sick,” she explains. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally skipping a shower. And there are risks to overdoing cleanliness and hygiene, according to The Healthy.

According to Philippe Tierno, a scientist who specialises in bacteria, there are various factors that impact how frequently you should shower.

Activity level

“If you’re someone who engages in sweat-inducing activities on a daily basis, you should probably shower every day,” Gonzalez adds. People who exercise frequently should shower or freshen up afterward until they have a chance to bathe.

“However, if you don’t do any physical activity during the day, you may not need to shower every day.”

If you don’t bathe or shower, you can develop or worsen a variety of skin diseases. Dermatitis neglecta is a condition in which brown patches of filth, oil, and dead skin cells form on the skin.

If you go to the gym without showering after ward, you may increase your risk of illness. Impetigo is a contagious bacterial skin condition that creates red swellings. Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that can be transferred not just through skin-to-skin contact but also by touching infected surfaces or items. Itching and scaly skin are among the symptoms. Athlete’s foot is also caused by the same type of fungus.

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Sweat and body odor

Whether they engage in physical exercise or not, some people sweat more than others. The amount of physical activity influences how frequently you should wash, as well as how much you sweat in general.

“Some people don’t sweat as much and don’t have intense odors,” says Tierno. And they can get away with showering less often. “Many people don’t use any deodorant and are more likely to smell bad after a few days,” he says. In short, the more you smell, the more often you have to bathe, that is, whether you and others around you care about your body odor.

Skin type

Your skin type is another aspect that influences how frequently you should shower. According to Gonzalez, if your skin is oily and prone to acne, you should shower every day. However, if your skin is prone to dryness and flaking, you should only shower a few times per week to avoid additional depletion of the skin’s oil.

Showering too frequently can irritate the skin barrier, leading to even more dryness and redness.

Those with skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis may also be irritated if they take too long a shower.

If you have a skin problem, your doctor may advise you to take fewer showers and use cold or lukewarm water to avoid skin irritation.


Shower frequency is frequently adjusted according to the seasons.

“Summer brings hot and sticky weather, which often causes body odour,” Gonzalez explains. “However, winter causes dry skin.” People who live in humid or hot areas are likely to shower more frequently since they sweat more.”

Gonzalez claims that there is no universal rule for how frequently you should shower. It everything comes down to personal taste.

“Some people believe that showering every day is essential, while others believe that showering two to three times a week is sufficient,” she explains.

According to Tierno, it’s fine to skip a day or more, whether male or female, depending on the conditions.

“Bathing every other day is perfectly fine,” he claims. “Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all solution exists.” Showering every day, or every other day, won’t hurt, according to Tierno.

Dr. Gonzalez, on the other hand, recommends washing no more than once a day to keep skin healthy.

When it comes to the proper quantity of showering, it appears that once a day or every other day is the rule. When it comes to showering, remember that longer isn’t always better. Excessive use can result in dry, irritated skin. The best tip is to remember that you know your body best and can best determine how frequently you should wash it.

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