What Foods Have Been Proven To Lower Cholesterol Levels?

Cholesterol is required for the efficient functioning of cells and organs in the body, as well as for the creation of hormones, vitamins, and digestive juices.

Doctors warn that elevated cholesterol levels can cause a variety of health concerns.

Nurse Cheryl Lythgoe disclosed to The Sun a number of foods that have been shown to decrease cholesterol when ingested on a daily basis.

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“What we consume can influence the amount of cholesterol in our bodies. Most people will benefit from lowering their cholesterol levels because failure to do so can lead to stroke, heart attack, and artery narrowing. “”Eating certain foods can help lower cholesterol,” explains Lythgoe.

Eggplant, muesli, soy, almonds, and seeds are all recommended foods. According to Lithgo, the nutritional qualities of this dish have been shown to lower the level of harmful cholesterol in the body and hence contribute to better overall health.

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