Why Do We Get Sick As Soon As We Return From Vacation And How To Avoid It?

Whether it’s shivering or a runny nose, our bodies seem to react negatively once we come back from vacation. However, one health expert noted that the “disappointment effect” is much more common than we think and explained how to avoid it so that nothing happens.

“When the body is used to running on high levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and they suddenly drop,” said Dr Suhail Hussain, GP, “our immune system is exposed and we are prone to minor infections and excessive fatigue.”

“It also increases muscle soreness – adrenaline increases muscle tension, so imagine a rubber band that’s always taut, what happens when you let it go?” he said.

The layoff effect is likely to hit us after an intense work week. However, Dr Hussain said you can avoid this happening if you gently remove the stress.

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“You can try to mitigate the ‘debilitation effect’ by gradually removing the stress.”Instead of collapsing and merely sunbathing, try to keep some level of activity at rest or exercise so that there isn’t a large reduction in stress hormone levels, allowing the body to gradually acclimatise’, he says.

However, if your body “shuts down” shortly after going on vacation, he advises looking for signs of chronic stress as well.

“Constantly operating at high stress levels is extremely harmful to your health.” It causes the aforementioned issues, but it also has long-term implications, such as the accumulation of deposits in the arteries, which leads to stroke, depression, anxiety, and even addiction,” the doctor stated.

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