Lash Lice Are Becoming More Common In Eyelash Extensions, Doctors Warn

Every woman wants to appear her best, but in recent years, there have been some extremely high standards for beauty.

Girls today need to do a lot more than just maintain a tidy haircut, fashionable wardrobe, spotless shoes, and makeup to keep up with the latest beauty trends. I genuinely don’t know a single girl who doesn’t have gel nails, and many people around me have already tried threading their eyebrows.

And I think we can all agree that eyelash extensions are a must-have for any modern cosmetic routine!

These lashes are adhered to your natural lashes one at a time using glue. The application process can take up to three hours, and the entire process lasts roughly six weeks.

With considerably superior results than a mascara wand, eyelash extensions provide the appearance of fluttering eyelashes batting above large eyes. However, they also carry some fairly terrifying dangers.

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Optometrists have noted an upsurge in cases of Demodex, sometimes known as lash lice.

They urge ladies who frequently use eyelash extensions to clean them frequently because failing to do so can result in a bacterial accumulation.

The symptoms of demodex include itching, redness, and inflammation. Eyelash lice are spread from person to person by jumping and are found living on the greasy hair follicle.

Dr. Sairah Malik asserts:

The general perception is that when wearing eyelash extensions, many are reluctant to wash or even touch them for fear of losing an eyelash.

However, he stresses how crucial it is to maintain clean eyelashes and advises using a tea tree-based cleaning.

“Tea tree base cleanser is what we advise. It is advisable to use a cleaner every day that contains tea tree oil in a diluted form.

When getting your eyelashes done for the first time, Hillary Weimer, a cosmetologist at “A New U Salon & Boutique,” suggests avoiding water contact for the first 24 hours. She continues:

You can then wash them after that. Use only non-oil-based products. Just take care not to pull on them. You shouldn’t have any issues with them sticking around if you put them on properly and take care of them.

Ashley, a lady, shared her Demodex experience with WFTV9 last year and forewarned viewers about the potential risks associated with eyelash extensions.

After numerous sessions of eyelash extensions, she woke up one morning with swollen, itchy eyes. Dr. Keshini Parbhu of the Dry Eye Help Center at the Orlando Eye Institute examined her eyes under a microscope and discovered lice residing on the lash oils.

She said:

They delve down to the lash follicles’ base and consume this material. They can become infected if they become too numerous.

Customers are also at risk of contracting Demodex if they don’t properly remove their eye makeup and if the salon staff doesn’t wash their tools.

Dr. Malik continues by advising women to avoid using extensions on their eyelids whenever feasible.

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