Goose Warms Shivering Puppy Under Her Wings to Save Him

We frequently spend our days in the office without having to physically see or speak to another person because we live in a technologically advanced society. We can work and order food, coffee, and other necessities without leaving the room thanks to all of our technological gadgets, devices, and the Internet that make communication easier.

Although technology is not inherently bad, it has alienated and divided us. We occasionally overlook the value of being nice and helpful, which make life much happier. Serving others is the surest route to happiness.

One old Chinese proverb says:

“Take a nap if you want to be happy for an hour. Go fishing if you want a day of joy. Obtain a fortune if you want happiness for a year. Help someone if you want to be happy for the rest of your life.

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Animals never forget to lend a hand to one another and make living in the animal realm a little easier. You have probably already heard some tales of animals saving and aiding one another.

Another illustration of this may be seen in the photographs below, which show a geese using its wings to warm up a cold puppy. The adorable dog is petted by the goose using its beak to make sure it is cozy under its warm wings.

Oh, they make me so happy!

Some animals are very outgoing and make friends with other species of animals with ease. The only benefit that the animals receive from these connections is the companionship of the other animal, which is what distinguishes friendship from survival.

Dogs are renowned for being docile, kind creatures who get along well with practically any other animal.

Similar to how most dogs bond with their owners, most geese are sociable and full of personality. Some of them may even follow you around, watch everything you do, and give you “gooseneck” hugs.

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