Shen Men

Here’s What Happens if You Massage This Point On The Ear

Doctor of medical science and psychiatrist Mark Sandomirsky gives his patients advice on how to reduce stress in a TV program about healthy living.

People feel stress in a variety of ways, and its origins and effects are frequently variable. We have an unpleasant sensation of heaviness or soreness in specific bodily areas after being under stress.

Getting rid of all negative feelings should be your initial action. Do not confine them. After that, take away the visible consequences. Psycho-reflexology is quite beneficial. The truth is that our bodies contain built-in stress relief mechanisms.

This location was known in ancient Chinese culture as Shen Men, or “The Gate of Heaven.” Your entire body receives cosmic energy when this location is treated. Shen Men is a profound, magical point that improves general health, lowers stress levels, and increases energy.

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This acupressure point also reduces addiction and inflammation, and rubbing it eases discomfort throughout the entire body. The upper third of your ear is where Shen men, or the Gate of Heaven, is situated.

Dr Sandomirsky advices:

  • Using a cotton bud, press this point and gently massage it. Breathe deeply.
  • Then listen to your body carefully.
  • Keep breathing deeply.
  • When you inhale look to the left, and on the exhale look to the right.
  • You will feel how your body calms down.

Extra tips:

  • Massage this point using your fingers.
  • Massage it well every time you are stressed.
  • You can also repeat this technique every night before you go to bed

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