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Are You Chronically Tired: This Powerful Recipe Is Just For You!

You should frequently “clean your blood” to prevent the buildup of poisons in your body. We become perpetually fatigued, suffer the negative consequences of bloating, and develop circulation problems as a result of keeping toxins in our blood.

These problems can be resolved by using a straightforward beverage that is kept in your kitchen. Garlic and red wine are all you need. This treatment clean the blood, helps the body get rid of excess salt and fat, and speeds up the digestive process.

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17 oz / ½ liter of red wine
12 garlic cloves


In the wake of cleaning the garlic cloves, cut them into quarters and spot them in a jug. Include a large portion of a liter of red wine and close the container tight.
Keep it on the sunny/ splendid place around two weeks. Give the jug a decent shake every day,, so that the fixings are blended well.
After two weeks, strain the substance of the jug and place it in a glass container.
Take a teaspoon three times each day for a month.


After using this beverage for one month, it is important to wait six months before starting another treatment because it is effective at cleansing and strengthening the blood.

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