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Salt, Pepper and Lemon Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

Not only are these components of your salad dressing. The potent combination can be used as a DIY treatment.

Additionally, many people have employed the power of three to treat prevalent illnesses all across the world. Could it be that individuals strive to find natural alternatives since conventional medications are so expensive?

Here are some pointers on using salt, pepper, and lemon to treat various illnesses:

Sore throat

One tablespoon of high-quality salt, one teaspoon of black pepper, and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice should be combined. Pour warm water into a glass and stir the mixture. To treat a scratchy throat and a persistent cough, gargle the solution several times each day.

Stuffy nose

Black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom seeds should all be pounded thoroughly into a fine powder. Smell the concoction and observe how your stuffy nose will clear up when you sneeze.


Gallstones are solid, digestive-fluid-containing deposits that develop in the gallbladder. These hurt excruciatingly and impede the digestive system. Gallstone removal surgery is typically required for patients.

But there are natural solutions you can use to address the issue. 3 parts olive oil, 1 part lemon juice, and 1 part black pepper should be combined. Use the cure to get rid of gallstones.

Canker sores

Warm water is added to a spoonful of Himalayan salt. After meals, swish the solution around in your mouth to help the mucous membranes in your oral cavity heal. This will assist in removing harmful bacteria and speed up the healing process for the sores.

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Weight loss

Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, a quarter teaspoon of ground black pepper, and a tablespoon of raw honey should all be added to a glass of water. Your metabolism will be enhanced by this elixir. Lemons’ polyphenols help you stay healthy and improve insulin sensitivity, which is crucial for burning fat.


Use black pepper to settle an upset stomach. Lemon fragrance helps with nausea. One teaspoon of black pepper and one tablespoon of lemon juice should be combined. Pour warm water into a glass and stir the mixture. Take moderate sips of your beverage until you start to feel better.


12 teaspoon of ground pepper and 12 teaspoon of clove oil should be combined. Your toothache will be relieved by this mixture. Twice daily, properly clean your teeth and floss. Eliminate sugar and meals with acids.

Flu and cold

Half a lemon should be squeezed and added to a cup of warm water. This beverage helps with cold symptoms. The lemon peel and pulp can stay in the water for an additional 10 minutes. Take them out, and stir in a tablespoon of raw honey. Consume the citrusy remedy until you feel better.


Place a piece of cotton that has been moistened with lemon juice inside your nostril. In order to prevent the blood from dripping into your throat, tilt your head slightly forward. Additionally, this will stop nausea. The nosebleed will almost immediately end.

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