You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

A bloated tummy that resembles a giant balloon that is about to burst is not attractive.

Not to mention the discomfort and all the gases. Bloating is frequently experienced after large meals, but for other people, it is an ordinary aspect of daily life.

What causes your stomach to swell?

Insufficient hydration

Numerous health issues have dehydration as one of their primary causes. Drinking wine and coffee in excess just makes the issue worse. The last time you drank six to eight glasses of water a day was when?

Bloating may occur as a result of fluid retention because the body utilises its own tissues’ liquids when it is dehydrated. So, try to hydrate yourself more.


Constipation is an uncomfortable problem that suggests you need to eat more fiber-rich meals. You understand that the gasses that are still trapped behind the excrement won’t remain still for very long.

Consume your fiber gradually if you don’t want to exacerbate the issue. Avoid white bread and only purchase whole grain bread. Enjoy berries and smoothies. Sounds scrumptious, no?

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Chronic stress

Contrary to popular belief, stress can make you bloated. Your digestive system is unable to work correctly when you are stressed. Constipation and stomach pain could be to blame for your bloating. In order to permanently resolve your issue, attempt to remove yourself from the bad emotions.

Eating too fast

Bloating results from the sluggish digestion of partially chewed meals. Just like that. So, eat few portions and chew them thoroughly.


Carbohydrate overconsumption may be a factor in your bloated stomach. Think about consuming low-carbohydrate foods, and refrain from consuming alcohol and sugar. Eat more organic produce and fruits.

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