5 Meals That Will Improve The Effect Of Exercise

Weight reduction of even 2-3 kg is not a particularly easy task.

A large portion of you realize that the way to a decent body lies in eating regimen and restriction, but also in sports. The combination of a good diet with exercise guaranteed results.

Why can some people still not lose weight? One of the most common causes is improper nutrition after training. It is true that you have burned hundreds of calories, but that does not mean you can afford to eat ice cream, steaks, etc. Otherwise you sweat completely in vain.

Post-workout nutrition is almost as important as the movement itself. Once you’ve been in the gym, your body needs specific substances to help it recover, replenish it with energy, but not excess fat!

Here are 5 meals that you can boldly bet on because they boost metabolism, give you a feeling of satiety and “nourish” your tired muscles properly.

Corn sandwich with turkey and vegetables

During an exercise, your muscles consume a great deal of carbs. Corn items contain fiber and other useful fixings that, in blend with rich sugar vegetables, will renew stocks, says Denver’s Jessica Crandell, a well known health specialist and representative for the Denver Academy of Nutrition and Diet.

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Turkey meat, on the other hand, is very low in calories and high in protein and will help your muscles recover after loading.

The result: You will feel energized and your hunger will be overcome, so you will not overeat afterwards.

Almonds and oranges

Nuts contain protein and useful fats, and they also saturate severe hunger, according to scientists at the University of California.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and enhance immunity. They also help to hydrate the body.

Smoothie with avocado and blueberries

Smoothie are ideal after workouts because they are full, not bulky and easily digested. Avocado is rich in beneficial fats and is highly saturated.

To sweeten the jam, you can put a few blueberries that contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Use low-fat milk to keep your calories at bay.

Salmon, olive oil, celery and grapes

Salmon contains omega 3 unsaturated fats, which will reduce icy muscle fever. As per some exploration, valuable fats help to consume fat in the body.

You can season the salmon with a little celery and grapes (carbs and fiber) and turn it into a salad.

Another choice is to utilize canned salmon and put on a piece of corn bread.

Boiled eggs

Every athlete knows that protein failures can easily be filled with eggs. They not only provide the body and muscle with the necessary nutrients, but also protect against overeating. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that people who eat eggs for breakfast consume 22% less calories at lunch and the rest of the day.

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