Do Not Omit Melon From The Summer Menu

There are three good reasons to eat melon: it is invigorating, not fat, and contains numerous vitamins and minerals. This fruit contains a great deal of water (91%) and has somewhat more sugar, so it isn’t suggested for diabetics. Contains 1% fiber, fat, protein and complex starches. In 100 gr. melon has just 34 kcal.

Melon is particularly prescribed for individuals with hypertension.

This fruit fiber improves digestion and helps to lose weight.

Water and potassium from these fruits help the kidneys work and expel hurtful substances from the body.

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Juice for this fruit, due to its large amount of antioxidants, helps the body fight against harmful free radicals, which damage the skin cells. Therefore, melon is also considered to be an anti-cancer fruit. Melon and this fruit juice protect against sunburn.

This fruits additionally contains adenosine, a substance that forestalls blood (platelets). In this way, melon beneficially affects the heart and veins.

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