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Is A Diet With No Yo-Yo Effects Possible?

One wants to lose as much weight as possible when it comes to weight loss.

Yet note that anything over 1-2 kg less in a month is no longer safe and can cause you a lot of problems and disorders.

So start by changing your eating habits to make sure you’re doing it right.

Drink plenty of fluids, juice and teas that are not sweetened. In the morning, eat healthy carbs. Lunch with vegetables, protein and fat in a balanced way.

At least in the afternoon, don’t forget to exercise to speed up your metabolism. Seek to eat no later than 7 p.m. dinner, and mixing protein with vegetables is best.

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Integral pastries keep satiety longer than white. Eat the meat 2-3 times a week in small portions. Eat slowly and chew food well.

Avoid alcoholic beverages because they are packed with hidden sugars and calories.

You don’t have to count calories and weigh each day. The most important thing is to ensure a balanced diet schedule. Keep a meal diary if needed. So you’re going to ensure healthy habits that will certainly get you the line you want.

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