If You Have Some Of These Symptoms, It Is Worth Reducing The Dose Of Caffeine

Coffee is known as a drink that affects the body positively, but excess can lead to many health problems.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you should give up your coffee entirely, but don’t overdo it, because if you drink more than three coffees a day, there are some health effects that can occur.


People struggling with anxiety should avoid caffeine because the effects of humiliation can only be exacerbated. Caffeine often increases stress levels so that after drinking coffee you can feel more nervous than normal.

Stomach pain

Most people who have a problem with the stomach actually consider them coffee, and they don’t know. We sometimes recommend food painkillers, but they may come from coffee as well.

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Accelerated heart work

High intake of caffeine will speed the heart. Those who are already suffering from this disorder should be limited to one or two coffees a day.


Caffeine accelerates the central nervous system more quickly than you might feel nervous. When coffees contributes to excessive fever, your daily intake will be severely limited.


Although a small amount of coffee can help with headaches, it can be caused by excess because the dosage of caffeine has been exceeded. It’s expected to be more than five cups a day.

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