Common Myths About Acne When You Are Adult

It’s natural to battle acne about puberty and adolescence. But when we’re old enough and still have them, what happens?

Rapid life, tension, unhealthy foods, hormonal changes that can all cause acne when you’re an adult (more than 25).

Here are the theories in which you should stop believing:

They can settle down by themselves

There are rare cases when acne subsides without doing anything. If you let them “fix” themselves or intervene with extrusion, you run the risk of scars on your face. Visit a beautician or dermatologist if the situation is alarming.

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With proper care they will disappear

If you are an adult, the problem is likely to come from within. With cosmetics and a long-lasting care routine you will be able to calm them down temporarily, but it won’t take long for them to reappear.

Chocolate causes acne

Fatty foods, as well as bread and sweets, were once believed to cause acne. The reality is that the state of recurrent acne can be significantly exacerbated. Chocolate isn’t going to make a big difference, but if you’re serious about fighting acne, it also means you need a healthy lifestyle.

There is no need to constantly clean the face

What you should never do is go to bed with an uncleaned face, let alone unused make-up. Dirt builds up in the pores and a cycle of inflammation begins that can easily lead to redness and painful acne.

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