Summer soup

Summer Soup Melts 6 Kilograms In A Week

We will offer you a sensational diet, which has turned into a real world hit among dietitians. This diet is built on consuming a strange soup, thanks to which you will download 6 pounds in just one week.

This mysterious soup is prepared from 6-7 cloves, about 500g of crisp tomatoes or cans, 2 bits of green peppers, 1 little cabbage – about a kilogram, 1 binder fresh celery, 1 cube of vegetable soup.

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Every one of the vegetables are washed well and afterward cut into solid shapes. Add more spices like salt, pepper, and curry, if desired. Then leave the soup to boil.

The most beautiful of this broth is that it does not have any calories in it and you can eat it as much as you prefer during the day. And another thing is that apart from this soup you will be able to eat other foods of your choice – raw materials and fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish.

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