Leg Cramps Are A Dangerous Symptom

Occasional tight squeezing or cramping of the thigh muscle that can spread to the abdomen may also be caused by a lack of minerals in the skin, often due to excessive sweating, but often indicates critical narrowing or clogging of the arteries in the leg.

The location of cramping or pain means that the problem is likely to be in the thigh arteries, and the arteries in the groin or pelvis or stomach may be narrowed, experts say. An examination is required in this situation, requiring a pulse in the legs and assessing the presence or absence of change in the foot’s skin. In the hands, so that the doctor can determine to what extent the body has managed to provide blood supply to the legs through the small blood vessels.

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After the examination, the physician decides whether to perform angiography or contrast-enhanced blood vessels and revascularization methods, such as stent placement or bypass.

If it is found that there is no critical narrowing of the blood vessels, medication treatment is recommended. Daily movement is very important, whether you have pain or not, as it increases blood flow. Smokers should give up the bad habit, which worsens arteriosclerosis and inevitably leads to complications, the worst of which is gangrene.

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