Blueberries Against Stress And Against The “Dangerous” Belly Fat

Blueberries have been shown in lab experiments to drastically reduce fat in the central area of the body when consumed on a regular basis. This fat is regarded as the most significant threat to human health.

The association between reduced belly fat and increased blueberry intake in the diet was the subject of one of the most recent studies undertaken at the University of Michigan.

Blueberries, according to experts at that university’s Research Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, are a powerful ally in the fight against fat, as well as in the prevention of metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and blood vessel disease.

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After 90 days of “blueberry diet”, scientists found that the fat deposits in the abdomen were reduced, and also the level of triglycerides was reduced, and the insulin response improved.

Just three weeks of daily intake of juice from this fruit is enough to control glucose and insulin in the body to improve, US experts claim.

Blueberries in 100 g have 57 calories and 87% water, which makes them an ideal ally on a slim figure. Stress and tension have been proven to be reduced, and it is directly related to weight loss.

It is known that people who are under stress have improper work of hormones, which blocks the process of weight loss.

They contain fiber that stimulates digestion, changes the intestinal flora and speeds up metabolism.

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