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Salvation For The Thyroid Gland And A Good Blood Count: A Natural Remedy From Green Walnuts

Young green walnuts are abundant in vitamin C, iodine, and a variety of other vitamins, and a mixture of young walnuts and honey is frequently given to the sick, immunocompromised, and anemic.

This potent mixture restores physical and energy balance, boosts hormonal activity, treats all thyroid issues, aids cell regeneration, and neutralizes toxic effects.

In the case of anemia, young green walnuts coupled with honey have a beneficial impact and aid in the cleansing of the liver, stomach, and blood. They are beneficial for thyroid issues, sore throats, and respiratory systems, particularly bronchitis, as well as boosting immunity, menopausal discomfort, obesity, and chronic respiratory disorders…

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Ingredients: 40 young green walnuts in peel, 1 kg of quality honey

Wash and dry the young walnuts before chopping them into quarters. After that, place them in a sterilized jar and cover them with honey.

When cutting, wear gloves because your fingers will be black.

Close the jar tightly and set it out to dry for a month in the sun. Stir once in a while. When the nuts are placed in the jar, they release their healing juice into the honey, which causes the honey to change color. After removing the nuts, the syrup should be consumed. Keep in a cool, dry location.

Take one tablespoon each day, preferably first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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