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Do Hot Peppers Help To Lose Weight?

Researchers around the world know that capsaicin, the bioactive ingredient that makes chili peppers so angry, can speed up your metabolism and help you get faster. But a recent study conducted by U.S. College ULFA shows that this ingredient can also help shed excess pounds, which we can find in common peppers.

Thirty-four people who drank low-calorie beverages for 28 days engaged in a small study discussed at a conference called Experimental Biology held in sunny California. Half of the meals have been supplemented with a “mild” capsaicin version, while others have been given placebo pills. The researchers found that the group treated with capsaicin consumed twice as much energy as the group treated with placebo, and these results were noticeable up to several hours after the meal.

While there is plenty of evidence that hot peppers can stimulate your metabolism and help you feel satiated, this new scientific study gives hope to people who aren’t big hot food fans. The authors of the study note that the consequences of accelerated metabolism may be restricted to overweight individuals. Likewise, the celebration did not include people who consumed “regular” food, but centered on the liquid meals they eat every day.

While it is clear that a great deal of work is needed to confirm the impact ordinary peppers have on weight loss, integrating this vegetable into the diet can do no harm. Peppers contain a lot of low calories and are a fresh food to help you eat healthy, and this is (yet) the only way to lose weight effectively.

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