The Sudden Drop In Temperatures Is Dangerous For The Body

The aggressive weather changes that are announced represent serious stress on the body trying to adjust, doctors say. The sudden changes that have begun these days, and temperatures are expected to drop and lower, will adversely affect health, which will be felt most chronically and by heart patients. Experts advise that physician-recommended therapy be adapted to climate change.

Adjust the therapy

The sudden drop in external temperatures will not bode well for many as it causes the vessels to become smaller, which can lead to serious degradation in the most susceptible of emerging diseases. As healthy individuals, they can experience similar anxieties, but they will be more pronounced. Symptoms include headache and chest pain, somnolence, dizziness, heartburn, irritability, and attention loss. Elderly people, as well as those who are chronically ill, have to take care to change the medication to keep the body from collapsing.

Adapt to the new temperature

In such cases, it is first important to obey the law of moderation. Light nutrition remains essential, it takes the body some time to adjust to changes in temperature, so the fruits and vegetables we consume in the summer can be of great help now. It is necessary to get enough fluids, such as water, tea and juices. Physical activity is fine if moderate, and if we want the body to make the following changes, eight hours of good quality sleep is necessary.

Dressing is also an important factor in keeping healthy, and jackets are a must. Be sure to monitor the temperature regularly and dress accordingly.

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