Constipation Is Not A Naive State, It Can Lead To Serious Illnesses

Constipation or constipation is not only accompanied by unpleasant bloating of the stomach, but as a result of irregular bowel emptying numerous health disorders occur.

Frequent constipation can be a reason for hemorrhoids, cerebral pains, awful breath, skin issues,as well as fatigue and general fatigue.

An additional problem that occurs due to irregular and difficult bowel emptying is the intoxication of the whole organism. Because, due to the disrupted intestinal flora, flowing gases are released and which, when deposited in the intestines by circulation, reach all other tissues and organs.

Today, every 6th inhabitant on the planet experiences constipation, while this issue is more common in women.

The reasons for constipation can be many, including fast food, insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables, carbonated juices, alcohol, strong spices, coffee and cigarettes, over-abundant and irregular meals, “leg-eating” without enough chewing, lack of fluids, prolonged sitting, lack of physical activity as well as tension and stress.

In the elderly over 65, the most dominant cause of discharge is degenerative changes that affect the colon, which make it less responsive to irritations, irritations and are not completely empty at the right time.

In addition to the above reasons, constipation can be a consequence of some gastroenterological diseases, such as common in those who suffer from thyroid dysfunction.

Frequent use of analgesics and antibiotics, as well as long-term use of antidepressants, also contribute to impaired and irregular bowel rhythms.

For general constipation prevention measures, doctors recommend regular meals rich in dietary fiber, more water and herbal teas, physical activity and no need to go to the toilet.

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