Black and white bread

How To Tell If The Bread Is Really Black Or Colored?

Black and white bread is popular among people who care about their health and care for proper nutrition. Such bread should be produced in most entire wheat or wheat grains with the goal that it holds all the important nutrients.

The secret of black bread is in its bounty of fiber, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other important mixes. Indeed, even in little amounts, it gives a sentiment of satiety, so it is recommended as a prelude to overcoming hunger.

Black bread also retains the taste, smell, and can stand for a long time without hardening. It is useful to know that black bread is recommended for heart patients. In addition, fiber contributes to low blood sugar levels, so this product is well respected by diabetics.

When buying, it is important to know if the black bread is really black, ie whether it is made from whole grain or just added caramel for color or something that should not be found in the bread. Rye bread is considered to be one that contains at least 30% of wholemeal flour. Dark color is not an indicator of bread quality, it is often just artificial color. The healthiest is the fourth and strongest bread.

How to identify real black bread

  • Put a piece of water in the middle of the bread. If the bread turns cold and the water darkens, it means the bread is colored.
  • Black bread is hard, compact and has more moisture than white.
  • Black bread cannot be luminous and elastic.
  • The middle of the black bread has deeper pores and smaller volume.
  • Black bread has a different smell than white bread.

Rye bread

  • there is more than 20% wheat flour and this must be stated on the declaration.
  • mixed rye bread should have 30% rye flour.
  • Contains lots of vitamins, minerals and is rich in fiber, easy to digest.
  • It creates a lasting feeling of satiety.
  • good for diet.

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