lumbar muscles

Stretch This Muscle Daily To Avoid Back Pain

Any action, regardless of whether it is work, sport, or activity in everyday life, can cause torment in the lumbar spine if done abruptly, improperly, or for a long time.

The lumbar muscle (guadratus lumbordum) is one of the real reasons for back torment. That is why it is very important not only to move, but also to do proper stretching exercises at the end of the day.

Pain is usually associated with the following activities:

  • Improper weight lifting, with the torso flexing and rotating
  • Sudden movement, bending or rotating and stretching of the torso
  • Long-term seating
  • Long drive in the car
  • Long hiking
  • Long standing
  • Poor posture during sleep
  • Injuries to the musculoskeletal system in the lumbar region (traffic accidents, injuries during sports activities…)

By choosing the right exercises for stretching your abdominal muscles and lumbar muscles, your pelvis will be in the correct position. Also, with these exercises, the volume of this muscle will increase.

Similarly, this resolves lordosis – posture that we can recognize by the strongly pointed lumbar curve of the waist forward and loosened abdominal muscles.

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