5 Dishes That Cause Constipation

More than 42 million people worldwide suffer from constipation, the US National Institute of Health said. The reason might be hereditary qualities, stress, nerves, ailments or even terrible dietary patterns. Before you go to a specialist to check why your urinary framework is inconvenient, how about we make a superior outline of your eating regimen.

You probably need to turn off this food:

Dairy products

If you have a problem to deal with a lot of needs, pay attention to how much and which dairy products you consume. You may have intolerance to lactose and your body improperly handle sugar and milk and constipation.

Fried food

That is a foe of your weight, but also of your system of digestion and secretion, since it contains a ton of fat and is nearly without fiber. It takes a long time for its digestion.

Green bananas

Avoid consuming green bananas if you suffer from constipation. Green bananas help keep the stool in the body, as ripening helps to get rid of, since it contains fibers that help to extract water from the gut and improve peristalsis.

White rice

Other foods you need to remove if you have constipation. White rice is hard to process and there are no hairs, so if you like this product, you need to bet on its brown version.

Frozen food

This food does not have high dietary benefit and can cause constipation. Frequently it is fat and low fiber levels. If you have a problem with the secretion system, avoid eating frozen foods.

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