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Ground Red Pepper Works Wonders In Our Body: Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Eat It As Often As Possible

Ground red pepper is a common ingredient in our diet. We all think it is just plain spice, but it turned out to be incredibly healthy. He is a great fighter against high cholesterol, high blood sugar, anemia. It’s great that we consume it a lot in winter, in stews, cutlery, sauces.

Hot or mild, ground red pepper is a must in almost any kitchen. Especially now, when it’s winter and we eat more soup.

You’ll most likely want to eat it when you find out how good this ingredient is. Pepper may easily be applied to many dishes: various sauces (with cheese, chickpeas, eggplant), soups, salads … And it will enrich your meal, as it is rich not only in antioxidants but also in vitamins and minerals.

Pepper is a useful nutrient

It has only 19 calories in one tablespoon of ground red pepper (or 6 grams) and meets as much as 13 percent of your daily vitamin A, E, B6 and iron requirements! Pepper is also filled with antioxidants such as beta-carotene, capsaanthin, saxanthin, and lutein, which are powerful warriors against heart disease, and this spice enhances circulation and, among other things, helps fight cancer.

Spice is also good for eye health

Red pepper has a good effect on eye health, reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, which is associated with aging. In one study, women taking supplements containing lutein and saxanthine in 32% of cases had a reduced risk of developing cataracts.

Reduces inflammatory processes

Some types of pepper have a good effect on inflammatory processes and painful conditions like arthritis, nerve damage and digestive problems, particularly those that are angry and contain capanthin.

It can lower blood cholesterol levels

Capsanthin will raise the level of good cholesterol and decrease the level of total cholesterol and poor cholesterol associated with heart safety.

Anticancer effect

It has been shown that beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin are good fighters against oxidative stress, decreasing the risk of some cancers. A 2000 study showed that breast cancer risk was 25-35 per cent lower due to ingestion of these nutrients. Capsaantin also slows the growth of malignant cells which have already grown.

This spice affects blood sugar levels

Capsaantin works on genes linked to blood sugar levels and inhibits enzymes that break down the body’s blood sugar and can also increase tolerance to insulin. Blood sugar levels fell dramatically in a four-week study of 42 pregnant women taking 5 mg of capanthin daily, versus others who did not take this supplement.

“Healthy” blood

Pepper is rich in two essential nutrients for the blood-iron and vitamin B. Their deficiency can reduce red blood cell counts and cause anemia.

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