Natural Remedies For Asthma

Asthma is a condition affecting the respiratory system, which are extremely responsive and strongly responds to anything that the body identifies as allergic. The airways become enlarged and constricted in response to discomfort, making it impossible for the patient to enter air, or oxygen to reach the lungs.

Severe attacks on asthma disrupt the supply of oxygen to vital organs and can all have devastating consequences.

There are folk remedies in addition to routine doctor check-ups that will help make the issues more manageable:

  • Take a little turmeric spice combined with a little butter and then drink warm milk.
  • Eat two honey teaspoons, every day.
  • Carrot juice can greatly help reduce asthma attacks if you drink it daily.
  • Chew 10-15 cloves and suck the juice.
  • 20 grains of black pepper and honey normalize breathing.
  • The cough will calm down if you drink milk in which you have boiled three dried apricots every day.
  • The mixture of 15-20 grains of black pepper and honey normalizes breathing.
  • Every day consume 3 grams of basil juice with 3 grams of ginger juice in which you mix a tablespoon of honey.

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