How To Quit Smoking With The Help Of A Miracle Herb

Russian doctors also recommend it for issues with insomnia, irritability, headaches, asthma, high blood pressure and muscle relaxation.

Valerian also recently showed excellent results in stopping smoking and other addictive diseases, the DDL portal reports.

Also recommended in Russia, this herb is for people suffering from hypochondria and hysteria. Valerian suppresses the feelings of terror, pulse and anxiety in the breasts that occur during menopause or after a shock.

Many have quit smoking by drinking valerian tea daily. This tea works so that the smell of tobacco smoke becomes repulsive and unpleasant.

Valerian hardened smokers do not feel much tension and uncertainty during the weaning process.

Recipe for tea

Pour a teaspoon of the root with two drops of boiling water and drain for five minutes. The recommended daily dose is two to three cups a day, and one evening, half an hour before bedtime.


It should not be used with other herbs with similar effects, nor in conjunction with sedatives, since valerian has a strong sedative effect. Pauses after three weeks of valerian use to prevent side effects including nausea, headache or anxiety. Valerian is not given to pregnant women and children.

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