Home Remedies To Prevent Coughing

Coughing happens when the nerve endings between our throat and lungs are irritated by viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust or other substances. We can cough up to 60 km / h, and average coughing creates enough air to fill a two-liter bottle.

The most important thing, however, is that coughing is annoying, and is especially common in smokers and in winter when colds and flu occur. Though there are several treatments that can aid, natural remedies have an excellent remedy for reducing cough and the problems it causes.

Homemade syrup with honey

Honey has been shown to have a good effect on cough care. You can eat it dry, or make a syrup of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or 1 squeezed lemon. Eat the syrup ahead of bedtime. Our grandparents would suggest brandy before bed too.

Incense tea

In Germany, incense is an officially approved treatment for coughs and respiratory infections. This herb has an excellent coughing effect because it reduces inflammation. Make tea with a few sheets of incense in warm water, about 10 minutes. Adding honey and lemon can give additional positive effects.

Warm shower

Hot water and steam are great against coughing. Steam soothes the sinuses and airways. However, for those with asthma, it is advisable to avoid long seating in the shower and in the steam.

Pepper tea and honey

For wet cough, pepper and honey tea are recommended. Pepper is great for stimulating circulation and movement of mucus, and honey is a natural cough reliever. Use 1 tablespoon pepper and 2 tablespoons honey, which you will add to the boiling water for tea. Let it stand for 15 minutes, then drink it slowly.


Ginger has many secret powers that have been used in medicine for a long time. Those who practice eastern medicine point out that ginger is great for dealing with the effects of colds and flu. It is recommended to make ginger tea and drink it with or without lemon several times a day.

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