Healthy Properties Of Chamomile – Whole Pharmacy In One Herb

Chamomile tea relieves insomnia and irritation, and oil relieves muscle and joint pain, while inhalation leads to inflamed ears and sinuses.

Chamomile blooms from April to August and is harvested when the weather is warm and sunny. It should be dried at 35 degrees centigrade temperature.

Only the flowers are used for tea, and for the whole plant. Through distillation we get essential oil from the chamomile flower with a recognizable blue hue. This means that if the flower contains more essential oil, the chamomile is of better quality, more nutritious, but most significantly more valuable.

Tea decreases fatigue, makes you fall asleep faster, and if sweetened with sugar, soothes bronchitis and relieves breathing. This has a positive effect on the stomach mucous membrane, and it’s recommended for hot tea for stomach inflammation. This also helps with swelling of the liver, stomach aches and intestines, as it suppresses cramps.

Chamomile is a natural diuretic. This promotes and increases the urination and excretion of toxins in the body, and is also recommended for people with gout, rheumatism, inflammation of the kidney and bladder, and diabetes.

Chamomile often promotes sweating, increases the function of liver and bile, and normalizes the stool, making it also used to clean the body. This soothes inflammation in the oral cavity and digestive tract, and is also recommended for hard to heal rinsing wounds.

The action of chamomile in combination with other medicinal herbs with similar effect and chemical composition is greater, better and more effective. It is best used with lemon, fennel, marshmallow, and mint.

Mixed with cumin and fennel chamomile soothes the cramps in newborns’ stomachs, and in combination with valerian reduces climacteric complaints. Chamomile is a herb with a recognizable pleasant aroma and sweet taste, appreciated and applied in official medicine.

Chamomile tea is not boiled, but only boiled in boiling water, because by boiling at high temperature it evaporates the essential oil which is actually the main healing component of this herb. Allow the prepared tea to stand for five to ten minutes and then drain. It is advisable to drink three to four cups of hot or lukewarm tea a day, best sweetened with acacia honey or sage.

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