Chronic Stress As The Main Cause Of Eczema, Psoriasis …

The body is really dealing with it when you’re stressed out for a long time, and it’s only normal that it begins to cause physical symptoms at some point.

In many cases skin reactions like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea can result for excessive sweating and even hair loss. But not always was the link between stress and skin damage apparent.

Psychodermatology is a relatively new branch of medicine that incorporates combined psychotherapy, psychology, and dermatology expertise.

For example, acne frequently occurs in children, and adults can be the result of hormonal changes that often occur when the individual is continuously stressed out. Stress exacerbates the eczema that is represented by a red itching rash.

Those with rosacea, whose signs are purple, swollen, and inflamed pimples, may find that when nervous, or under constant stress, the condition worsens.

But also when it happens to you, it is quite normal to notice that your underpants are bluish and pale, the skin pale and spotty, without shine and strange color. In that case, before you spend a lot of money on cosmetics, try to detect the source of stress and then act on the skin.

When it comes to psoriasis, it manifests itself in red circles, dull and itchy skin, mostly in the area around the hair, but also throughout the body, mostly in areas where there are hairs. In this case treatment is needed both internally and externally, as well as stress control.

The situation further aggravates sweating, so if any of these skin symptoms occur in summer, treatment is much slower and more difficult.

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