Homemade Cream For Breast Enlargement

Each woman dependably needs to look better and is never totally happy with her physical appearance. A good piece of clothing or make-up is always a great way to improve the look. But with exercise and proper nutrition you can always bring your body to perfection, but what if you have small breasts?

It’s known that breasts grow in puberty and during pregnancy. It’s thanks to the hormones.  Without a doubt you are currently thinking about how to animate those hormones to function. Nourishment, practices and certain outside upgrades can trigger your hormones. If you want to increase your breasts, and you are opposed to plastic surgery, then these natural ways are great for you.


Generally, it is essential to disregard quick foods and to add more protein-rich foods to everyday meals. Replace carbonated juices with teas and water. Also in the diet it is necessary to add:

  • flax – contains a large amount of estrogen, and therefore it is recommended to get involved in everyday nutrition
  • soybean and soy milk – two glasses of soy milk per day and the result will be visible soon
  • beans and peas
  • nuts
  • hops
  • cabbage and cauliflower


There are several exercises that will stimulate the growth of your breasts. However, here is one that is good to distinguish. Gardening is a great way to boost your breasts, and also to improve your physical appearance. Swimming two times per week will without a doubt bring you positive outcomes.

Homemade cream for breast enlargement

You can set up this formula at your home. Various bosom upgrade creams contain hurtful synthetic substances, but when preparing the cream yourself, you know what you are using and you will be sure that it is healthy.

With the use of this cream you can really manage to increase your chest, you may need a long time to decide on this step, but everything is simple to prepare.


  • fresh plants: scallop, cumin seeds, serenoa, Benedictine thistle
  • vodka

Also you need a blender, a glass jar for canning and a pipette bottle.

Method of preparation

Place the plants in a blender and mix them well. Then add them to the glass jar. Add the socket so that it will be 3 cm above the level of the plants. Close the jar with a lid and store it for 40 days in a dark and dry place. Shake the jar every three days.

Spread the fluid of the medicinal plants  through the gas, at that point place it in the vial with pipette. It might take quite a long while. Utilizing a pipette, put one drop of spoon lotion, mix well and massage your chest. Make smaller amounts of this cream, because you can only use it for a week. It is best to mix the liquid with the lotion just as you plan to apply it. Mix a small amount and immediately waste it.

This cream works great because the plants are fermented and applied directly to the chest. It’s the fastest way to get them into your body, except to eat them. You will notice the first results in 4-8 weeks.

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