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3 Natural Methods Against Stretch Marks

Every woman hates stretch marks. They are horrendous and ruin the beauty and skin. Many women do not want to get rid of a bathing suit for them. Others do not dare to put on more challenging and open clothes.

Fundamentally of these assaults are the awful stretch marks. What would we be able to do to evacuate or diminish them? There are a few different ways to help you in this venture at home!


Natural white sugar is an extraordinary method to dispose of striae. It is a nice sentiment, which makes the skin smooth and wonderful.

Blend 1 tablespoon crude sugar with a little almond oil and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Mix well and rub enthusiastically in influenced stretch marks. Shave cautiously over a couple of minutes. At that point flush. After a few weeks of procedures you will see that the stretch marks begin to become thinner and imperceptible.


Proteins contain natural proteins. They, together with amino acids in proteins, are a powerful anti-stretch remedy.

Remove the egg yolks from egg. Mix with a fork. Clean the affected area of the skin and apply a thick layer of the egg. Let it dry. Then rinse with cold water. Do this in a few weeks each day and you will see the results.

Potato juice

The potatoes contain important amounts of vitamins and minerals. They invigorate recovery and skin recharging, both in the upper epidermal layer and in the internal layers. In this way, the skin is renewed easily and nurtures a healthy appearance.

Cut two potatoes in thick pieces. Slice one piece into the striae for a few minutes. Rub with concentric circular motion. It is important that the starch or white substance visibly remain in the skin.

Do this with each piece of potatoes. Then allow the skin to dry, then wash it with warm water. Practice this everyday until you get an effect.

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