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6 Things That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Worse

The menstrual cycle is stressful by itself, but you probably add unconscious additional stress during this period. Check underneath in the event that you are likewise doing these menstrual sins.

You are constantly under stress

The very word stress, makes stress. Stress influences each field of your life, each portion, and everyday functioning. It causes secretion of cortisol, “stress hormone. This hormone influences the expansion in circulatory strain and glucose and reduces immunity.

Do not sleep enough

You know well that it takes eight hours of rest, however you additionally realize this isn’t constantly conceivable. Various examinations have demonstrated that rest aggravation can prompt menstrual abnormalities. In short, the period of the mentality will last longer.

You drink a lot of coffee

The consumption of huge amounts of coffee in order for you to function can prove to be counterproductive and cause symptoms of anxiety, tension, insomnia and anxiety.

You are on the go

It all comes down to your sleep schedule, especially if you are constantly on the go, traveling or flying because the level of melatonin is beyond the normal, so your body adjusts to your location, and at the same time prolongs your menstrual period.


Alcohol – a great tool for celebrating the hard week, but terrible for your menstruation. Specialists recommend that a lot of alcohol can cause stomach issues.

Hard training

If you train for a marathon, congratulations, you deserve applause. Be that as it may, every day stress preparing and physical pressure can likewise cause a hormonal imbalance. But before you use it as an excuse not to go to the gym, you need to keep in mind that regular exercise (from mild to moderate exercises, 30 minutes a day) can reduce the spasms and pains that occur during your menstrual period.

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