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4 Foods To Never Eat To Lose Fat

The sad truth regarding food is that the foods you like the most usually don’t help you at all to lose weight. On the contrary; they are filled with sugar and other ingredients that make you accumulate fat. This is why it is important to know about the 4 foods to never eat to lose fat.


Although you might think that yogurt and fruits can’t be bad for your silhouette, don’t forget that in many cases the smoothies are made using milk and ice cream, not to mention that they have a lot of added sugar. In some cases the menu gives you a hint; sometimes the smoothies are listed as a treat for people who wish to gain weight.

This is one of the 4 foods you should never have for fat loss because the small one contains more calories than two Big Macs: it has 1,044 calories and 120 grams of sugar. A healthier and better option might be to have a low carb strawberry smoothie.

Pretzel dog

As you may have thought regarding the 4 foods to never eat to lose fat, snacks are bad for you, and this snack might be the worst of them all because it contains a lot of fat and a lot of sodium. One pretzel dog comes with over 600 calories. Instead you should have a traditional pretzel.

Sweet and spicy wings

No matter how much you might like this one of the 4 fat loss foods never to have, you should avoid it as much as you can. Although it is tasty, you should know that it has more salt than you should have in one day. An order of wings comes with 550 calories.

Although the producer claims that this one of the 4 foods to never eat to lose fat is far from being fast food, you should know that there are some healthier options as well that you could have, such as grilled chicken breasts, chicken breasts with sesame seed or anything that comes with little fat and little salt.


Some people think that muffins are the healthy alternative for doughnuts. However, this is one of the 4 foods to never eat to lose fat because the commercially sold muffins can turn out to be very high in fat. Sometimes one muffin can have up to 620 calories.

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