The Herpes Virus Attacks When We Are Weakest

The problem with the herpes infection is that once it enters the body, it permanently remains in it and returns every time our immunity dies.

  • There are two sorts of herpes – herpes simplex and herpes zoster, and in the body pull when the immunity drops.

Herpes simplex is increasingly normal. It restores each time we are under extreme stress, after some bacterial infections or long popular respiratory infections.

Otherwise, herpes simplex is an infectious infectious disease that is characterized by local exudation of small, painful bubbles filled with clear liquid. Serious complications may occur in newborns, as well as in people with Aids or individuals whose immunity has fallen due to other disorders or medication.

They frequently happen in individuals who are on chemotherapy and the individuals who experience the ill effects of immune system infections, or get immunosuppressive treatment as in rheumatological arthritis.

Herpes zoster happens in individuals who have had chickenpox or varicella in their adolescence, and frequently in individuals more than 35 years old.

  • Both herpes are treated with ointments and creams against viruses, as well as by introducing B comps vitamins to other supplements that boost immunity.

It’s important to know.

That around us there are billions of viruses and bacteria that do not usually enter our organism until we “open the door”. And we open the door when we are exhausted, we do not feed on quality and at the time, when we are inactive, we are cured of diseases and we cool the body when we need to warm it. The best counteractive action of herpes is to keep and expand the opposition and quality of the body.

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