7 Ways to Reduce Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar is appealing to all; maybe there are very few who can actually resist the taste of this adorable food product. Sugar has its own addictive seduction and eventually it has become a good enough addition to almost every dish that is consumed.

However, sugar is definitely not an indispensible part of human diet – 150 years back there was hardly any existence of sugar and today we consume almost 2lb (1kg) sugar in a week! In a recent article of British Medical Journal, sugar was stated as “as dangerous as tobacco”, describing further that sugar produces chemicals similar to morphine on the tongue that triggers the brain for an irresistible urge for it.

Undoubtedly eating less sugar is good for health; excessive sugary foods can invite gums and dental troubles, diabetes, fatigue, hyperactivity in some and excessive body fat that accumulate mostly at the tummies. Here are few ways by which you can definitely cut down on sugar intake, read on more and execute them –

You should have a motivation though; like to lose weight or wade away possibilities of yeast infections etc

Get Determined

This is the first step that can lead you towards a “sugar free” life. Decide and get determined to stop sugar from your diet. You should have a motivation though; like to lose weight or wade away possibilities of yeast infections etc; but make sure you have a reason that is valid enough or you might lose the determination soon! Make yourself understand that eating too much sugar is of no good and brings troubles like certain cancers dental problems, acne, heart disease and even infertility.

Eat Less Sugar in the Beginning

Stopping sugar altogether from diet might not be really possible in one day; thus reduce the intake to half by cutting down sugar containing foods. This group would include cereals, processed and fast foods, juice and canned food, canned products, breads and bakery items, sodas and other artificial beverages, flavoured dairy products, ready to make foods etc.

Before buying any food check the labels to see the ingredients; as most of the foods that do not look sugary still contain sugar. Syrups, brown sugar, corn sweetener, maltose, invert sugar, honey, glucose are just some of them

Throw away the Sugar Contained Food

Once you decide not to have sugar; the first task would be to go to the kitchen and discard all the food products that you know have sugar and would surely get tempted in time. This is a tough task; but you will have to do essentially if you want to reduce sugar intake. If you are living in a family with many members; this would not be really possible; in that case create a covered place for all the “sweet” things and keep the items away from your sight.

Take Helps of Friends and Relatives

If you have considerate and helpful friends and family, this work will get easier. Discuss about your motives and the reason why you are cutting down on sugar. Ask them to remind you about it whenever they see you consuming or getting tempted for any such food. Even if its fruit juice, soda, or energy drinks – you should be stopped!

Be Careful During Snacks Time

Sugar snacks have become the order of the day everywhere. Any store you go, you will find the morning muffins, candy bars, flavoured munching bars etc. Beware from them; even if you feel hungry look for foods that DO NOT have sugar and just don’t give up to your hunger. There are surely healthy options like some nuts, apples, carrot porridge without sugar, celery sticks etc. Dried fruits should be a strict NO!

Go for a Healthy Breakfast

Often people who decide to lose weight and give up on sugar tend to skip breakfast as well and end up having more calorie foods when they are hungry. Avoid this practice and eat a healthy breakfast with toast, wholegrain cereals, oatmeal or porridge. These foods slowly release energy thus keeping you full for a longer time; you will have less craving for snacks and sugar.

Create a Consciousness at Home

If the person handling the kitchen is not careful and conscious enough about your motive then you efforts might go in vain. The dishes cooked for you might contain sugar and you would as well be completely unaware! Talk to the person who is making your dishes and ask to avoid sugar completely – separate cooking for you would be the best. Prefer the dishes that do not need sugar. You can use spices to improve the taste like nutmeg, mint, vanilla, cinnamon, and better enough banana to bring a sweet taste in the dish.

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