Reduce Coffee Addiction: Replace It With Green Tea, Drink Plenty Of Water, Move Around

A lot of caffeine amid the day can make you nervous and lazy. On the off chance that you can not truly go through multi day without coffee, it appears you have turned out to be dependent on caffeine. We know that coffee is delicious, but it can be extremely harmful if it is consumed in excessive amounts.

Did you realize that an excessive amount of caffeine amid the day can make you languid and apprehensive? So how might you dispose of this propensity? Contingent upon the measure of caffeine you enter on your consistent schedule, you should start to feel your first changes 7 after 10 days.

Drink plenty of water

Water, especially immediately after awakening, is a brilliant way to raise the level of energy. In this we are talking only about a glass of water or two immediately after becoming, and the result – a bump of energy – should be visible immediately.

Green tea

Replace coffee with green tea, because it also contains caffeine, but in smaller quantities. Additionally, the morning drinking of some tea will supplant the custom of drinking coffee.


Keep your work area ventilated and with as much light as possible. It is generally known that light helps the body to understand that it is time to awaken. In particular, the light of your brain helps it wake up, even without caffeine.

Get moving

How to best compensate for the fall in energy, which of course you will have? The best way is exercise. If you do not have enough time, it is important to start the day with any movement, such as walking to the workplace, which does not have to be all the way.

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